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For reason for customer's privacy security, Ciaoflora Vietnam will absolutely not store any personal information of customers when booking online through the website of Ciaoflora Vietnam, except email address, phone number which will be used as an information channel between Ciaoflora Vietnam and customers in case of necessity.


Ciaoflora Vietnam collects and uses your personal information with suitable purpose and in compliance with the content of this "Security policy". 

In the event of necessity, we can use this information to contact you directly through following forms: sending open letter, order, letter of thanks, information on technology and security, etc.

We can also collect information on the number of times visiting, including the number of pages you have viewed, the number of links you clicked and other information relating to the connection to site We also collect information on web browsers you use each time of visiting, including: IP address, type of browser, language used, time and addresses accessed by the browser.

With criteria for the most convenience and for quickest order for customers, the website of Ciaoflora Vietnam does NOT require customers to remember any username or password when operating in

Oder code will be sent to email of the person who placed an order. We bear no responsibility in case the order code is disclosed.

In case you receive an order email because a person other than you used your email to make an order at website, please help us remove such email and notify us at and do not use information in this email for any purpose.


Ciaoflora Vietnam uses "Cookie" to help personalize and optimize your use of online time. 

A cookie is a document file which is placed in your hard disk by a server of the website. Cookie is not use to run programs or put viruses to your computer. Cookie is assigned to your computer and can only be read by a server of web page on the domain on which cookie is provided for you. 

One of the purposes of Cookie is to provide utilities to save your time when accessing to the website or visiting the website again without re-registering existing information.

You can accept or refuse the use of cookie. Most of browsers automatically accept cookie, but you can change settings to decline all cookies as you want. However, if you decline cookie, that may cause obstacle and negative impact on some cookie-dependent services and functions at website


Online payment gateway such as Onepay, Paypal are major and prestigious partners which have been certified and ensured by Ciaoflora Vietnam and the third network security organizations as safe payment gateway for customers. Right after you make payment (click the "Continue payment" button), website will direct to a secured environment of online payment providers. From this moment, you will perform payment actions following instructions in the web page of the provider and bound to terms of use of such units.

All actions for entering credit card information will be performed in secured environment (https://) of partners providing online payment services. Ciaoflora Vietnam does not collect or store your credit card information.

Ciaoflora Vietnam is entitled to decline performing orders without stating reasons in case it assumes that the received online transactions are of high risk. In these cases, we will consult the persons in charge of the payment portals, or refund 100% amount of the order in the method that you have used for payment.

Special terms for Paypal users

We only accept payment via Paypal with verified Paypal accounts. Please pay attention to the "shipping address" and fill the exact address to ship items to (as in the order). In case the shipping address does not match with the order, we might refuse executing the order and refund to you.


Information in the news page is for reference only. Ciaoflora Vietnam bear no responsibility for links outside this website.

If you have any questions regarding your order or any questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Service via email or by phone at +84903090568 Monday - Saturday between 8am to 18pm and 8am - 3pm GTT+7 Sunday. When sending email regarding an order, please remember to include the order number.

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