[WOMEN'S DAY 3/8] Order now for the biggest occasion of the year

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In Vietnam, not Valentine's or Mother's Day but Women's Day March 8th is the most important day of the year for all women. The biggest occasion of the year!

Celebrate this special day by sending a wonderful bouquet of fresh flowers to the women who have most inspired you, whether that is a partner, friend or relative...

Flowers are a symbol of International Women's Day!

Pre-orders accepted now at Ciaolfora.com and don't forget to input the coupon code WOMEN and get -3% discount!

Due to peak time, the last-minute orders may be cancelled or moved to 3/9. So please order as soon as possible for the best care.


- Delivery time on Women's Day: 6:00  - 19:00. Specific delivery times can be requested, but cannot be guaranteed exactly.
- All orders should be filled full information so that our delivery man can contact both recipient and sender if necessary.
- Our delivery man may call to recipients before delivery to make sure their ability to get flowers.
- Some orders to surban area (over 10km from center) may be cancelled.




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