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    Vietnam: (028) 38 112 666 1800 6138 (Toll-free, VN only)
    US/Canada: (510) 417 4568
    Australia: (02) 8006 0568



I do think that you're the best florist in Vietnam. Your support department via phone at 510-417-4568 speaks English very well. My girlfriend like your flowers and service. Thanks for all!

Daniel Kang (Malaysia)

The product shown is the product you get. I loved it! I'm deployed so it is nice to count on a site that really delivers. Great service!!!!!!

An Cuong Corp.

Amazing surprise that you can find a good flower service as Ciaoflora in this country. Beautiful bouquet and delivery guy was very friendly and professional! Can't believe! It was perfect

Amanda, Italy

Quang, I cannot possibly express how I feel and felt about the flowers you did and timely delivered for our anniversary on October 10, 2010. They were unique and elegant. We received tons of compliments about the flowers. Thank you so much Quang. We wish you every success, you deserve it. I will try to drop in sometime to see you, not to mention shop as well. I can tell you if we ever have a need for flowers for a special day again, we know we can count on you.

Katie Tran

Thank you for your fast service! My mom is really happy. You guys are doing great. Keep going!

Võ Hoài Nam

Tưởng gửi hoa đi nước ngoài mắc lắm, ai dè cũng bình thường thôi. Cám ơn nhé Điện Hoa Quốc Tế, bạn mình nhận được hoa rùi, rất vui và bất ngờ. Hoa đẹp wé chừng

Manh Tran

Excellent customer service! I ordered twice from the US and was assisted in both times thoroughly. Flowers were delivered in Sai Gon as scheduled in great quality.


Hi Quang, Just a quick thank you for sending such a beautiful bunch of flowers to my mom. Much appreciate the promptness and great customer service. I have been a long term customer since 2012 and looking forward to using your service more in a near future. Have a great day. Cindy

Huy Duong - UDL

I have been more than impressed with the service provided to me by Ciaoflora Viet Nam. I have received more compliments from this Company than any other I have used in the past. So much talent and care has gone into each and every request I have made, this has resulted in many "thanks" to myself and our company. I could not be happier with the service I have received and without a doubt will continue to use Ciaoflora Viet Nam. I look forward to working with you in the future...

James (UK)

Absolutely perfect service and professional staffs. Thanks Ciaoflora for nice flowers for years to our company

Cindy Tran Do

Hi Hien, Sorry l read this email after my mom received the flower. Thank you for letting me know about changes with my order, however, the colour of the flower you sent was perfect as it's yellow - which is my son's - Jeremy - favourite colour. My mom loves it & l'm a happy customer. Anyway, much appreciate your service & of course l'll be back for more business in the future. Take care, Cindy Tran Do

Trần Lê Hoài

Trong những dịch vụ mình đã sử dụng, quả thật Ciaoflora làm mình tâm đắc nhất. Không chỉ là hoa đẹp, mà cách thức phục vụ cũng làm mình "tâm phục, khẩu phục". Hihi


Bravo pour votre sérieux, et le bouquet est magnifique. Merci


Great Customer Service! Guarenteed same day service. The flowers are always very fresh and delivered on time. Professional company and great experience. I have recommended this company to friends and family and they have all had nothing but good things to say.

Cervantes (Australia)

They have always provided quality flowers that opened up brilliantly. I have used many florists and Ciaoflora is a gem. I will be continue to use this service to send flowers to Vietnam as my number 1 choice. ah, they have an English website, try it if you cannot read Vietnamese.

Karen Phan

Cheer Quang, I have used floral delivery services in the past, but WOW - Ciaoflora folks really came through, next day international!! Great job. Thank you for standing by your product Great web site, lots of choice and I use them for sending thank yous or good wishes to friends etc in Vietnam

Korea Flower Network

I found this florist when seeking flower service for our VIP partner in Vietnam. For years, this is best service among Best Options for Flower Delivery in HCMC that you can found on internet. Highly recommend.

Jennifer Q Nguyen

Hi! cam on Ciaofloral rat nhieu. Ban than cua Jen rat thich va cung hoi ngac nhien. Thanks all

Jeff (Hong Kong)

A big thanks to Ciaoflora staff. I added you to my memory. ^^ I highly recommend you to who want to send flowers to Vietnam.

Brian, USA

I would like to express my whole heartedly thanks to the prompt delivery and good service provided. All my requests was being fulfilled by your friendly staff. You are always so willing to accommodate, so willing to serve, that's why I'll always use

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